Whaline 18 Pieces Mandala Art Dotting Tools Including 4 Mandala Stencils, 8 x Acrylic Rods, Paint Tray and 5 Double Sided Dotting Tools


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  • A complete set of tool - Our product includes Paint Tray, Mandala Stencils with different sizes, Acrylic Rods with various sizes and Double Sided Dotting Tools. They can meet your multiple needs and are fit for beginners
  • Quality and easy to clean - Transparent Acrylic Rods are smooth and feel comfortable; so they are fit for stippling on the surface of rocks, paper, canvas, etc. In addition, they are easy to clean and they can be used repeatedly, which is convenient and economical for you
  • Wide application - Our product can be used in many situations such as stippling on the paper, wood, canvas, fabric, metal, furniture, wall art, etc
  • Size - Acrylic Rods: the length of them is 5.91 inches and the diameters, 0.12, 0.16, 0.2, 0.24, 0.31, 0.39, 0.47, 0.59 inches. Double Sided Dotting Tools: the length of them are 5.12 inches; the diameters of the big ball are 0.12, 0.1, 0.08, 0.04, 0.03 inches and the diameter of the small ball, 0.06 inches. Mandala Stencil: 7.87 × 7.87 inch, 5.91 × 5.91 inch, 5.31 × 5.31 inch. Paint Tray: the diameter of it is 6.69 inches. Various choices are provided for you
  • Safe and quality material - Acrylic Rods are made of acrylic; the pen-holder of the Double Sided Dotting Tools is made of acrylic and the pen-point is made of stainless iron; the Mandala Stencil, PVC and the Paint Tray, plastics

Product description

Do you want to paint the mandala drawing you dream of with the help of handy tools? Our product boasts various quality mandala dot painting tools which are fit for beginners or gifts you give away to others.

Features & Benefits:

Art assistant: Double Sided Dotting Tools are perfect tools for making dots, clay seam, paper flowers, flower modes of fondants, nail design and more.

Convenient: Four pieces of Mandala Stencils with four shapes can meet your different needs of painting, which is convenient for you to draw various dots.

Clever design - The round Paint Tray has 10 wells and 1 central reservoir, which offers convenience to you to mix colors or use only one color. What’s more, it is reusable and easy to use.

Size: Acrylic Rods: length: 5.91 inches; diameter: 0.12, 0.16, 0.2, 0.24, 0.31, 0.39, 0.47, 0.59 inches
Double Sided Dotting Tools: length: 5.12 inches; the diameters of the big ball: 0.12, 0.1, 0.08, 0.04, 0.03 inches; the diameter of the small ball, 0.06 inches
Mandala Stencil: 7.87 x 7.87 inch, 5.91 x 5.91 inch, 5.31 x 5.31 inch
Paint Tray: diameter: 6.69 inches
Material: Acrylic Rods: acrylic
The pen-holder of the Double Sided Dotting Tools: acrylic; the pen-point: stainless iron
Mandala Stencil: PVC
Paint Tray: plastics

Package Includes:
8 × Acrylic Rods
5 × Double Sided Dotting Tools
4 × Mandala Stencils
1 × Paint Tray

There may be dimension errors to some degree due to manual measurement.
The children under 5 years old must be supervised by adults in case that children may be hurt by the pen point.

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